In today's world it has become more and more important for individuals, families, entrepreneurs and corporations to secure their present and future financial security.

Luxembourg is an international onshore safe-haven for your assets.

Since 18th century, wealthy families around the world have used financial service providers from Luxembourg as a safe-haven for their assets. Luxembourg offers significant benefits to international investors in the form of superior investor and asset protection provided by the strict investor protection laws. Investors also benefit from special taxation benefits available to international investors. Luxembourg has the reputation of being a UCITS domicile. Net assets under management reached 3 524 billion € at the end of March 2016. The Grand Duchy has thus reinforced its position as the premier European center for investment funds, the second biggest fund center in the world.

Luxembourg offers:

  • Economic stability
  • Government support to financial sector
  • Europe's strongest investor protection regime
  • Financial privacy
  • Experienced multilingual workforce
  • Triangle of security for life insurance investments
  • Funds are "ring-fenced" in a custodian bank account in the EU outside of the bank’s own balance sheet

Financial triange