Preparation and planning of long-term financial security is more and more important in today's world.

Many of our clients have these questions:

  • How to secure that my wealth is passed on to beneficiaries chosen by myself?
  • Are there tax efficient solutions for transfer of assets / wealth?
  • How to keep confidentiality of my plans now and in the future?

To secure the financial well-being of your spouse, children and other next of kin requires preparation and careful planning. Many legal issues regarding transfer of assets and taxation questions need to be considered.

Private Wealth Advisors S.A. creates solutions helping our clients to transfer assets and wealth to chosen beneficiaries or to the next generation.

Our services provide cost efficient, legally and fiscally secure solutions to transfer assets and wealth to desired recipients worldwide.

Our clients enjoy full confidentiality for their inheritance and estate planning solutions as these arrangements are protected by strict confidentiality.

Our services for inheritance and estate planning:

  • Long-term financial planning for wealthy families
  • Tax efficient inheritance and estate planning solutions
  • Securing of transfer of wealth:
    • Transfer of assets to spouse, children and others
    • Transfer of assets to other nominated persons, trusts or charities
    • Nominations to beneficiaries
  • Open-ended Life Insurance Bonds passed from generations to next generations
  • Beneficial trusts