Private Wealth Advisors S.A. works as an independent adviser on client's behalf in the insurance and investment industry in order to create the best possible product and service combination. Open architecture is used to match the clients individual needs.

After customer investment analyses we invite tenders for our customers from chosen service provides. Our contacts in the financial industry can produce products and services which are superior to standard services “over the bank desk” or retail market.

Our clients can enjoy cost savings compared to typical list prices of financial products and services. Using us does not bind clients to choose any of the products or services recommended by us. The final decision is always done by client themselves.

Our services include:

  • Customer investment analysis including
    • Investments
    • Taxation issues
    • Legal issues
    • Inheritance and estate planning
  • Selection of potential service providers and products for tenders
  • Collection of quotations and proposals from potential service providers
  • Neutral analyses of different products and services
  • Providing recommendations and advisory services
  • Acting as a consultant on clients behalf in negotiations with service providers
  • Paperwork handling to complete investments
  • Investment reports on chosen intervals

Cost of our service:
Since our fees are paid by the service and product providers chosen by the client, there is no extra cost involved to the client for using our services.