Professional management of wealth ensures the growth and maintaining of capital value on long term basis. Today investors have a wide variety of options available in investment and wealth management.

Are you cautious, balanced or aggressive investor?

Most investors seek opportunities to ensure steady long-term growth of their investments while at the same wishing to maintain the capital they have earned. Naturally the higher the expectation of growth and investments return – the greater the risk of value changes or even loss of capital.

The professional adviser's most important task is to establish a clear mutual understanding clients expectation towards growth and earnings versus stability of capital value. Timescale of investing, possible needs of capital in the future and fiscal issues are some of the important factors to be considered.

Professional management or self-selection of investments?

Many of our clients already work with their chosen professional asset manager. Privatbankassurance – a fiscally beneficial insurance investment solution – includes the possibility to use clients existing asset managers under insurance policy. Alternatively, clients can choose one of the many internationally known investment managers available through our contact network.

Many solutions allow the client to self-select investments to their portfolio from thousands of mutual funds, equities, bonds and structured investments available, publically or in tailor made solutions.

Privatbankassurance, investing and managing wealth under a life insurance policy, also offers cost benefits since the insurance company act as a major investor on the client's behalf, and thus enjoy the benefits of scale in investment fees.

Private Wealth Advisors SA offers asset management analysis and services based on widely recognized financial studies. One of our objectives is to diversify investments into various assets classes offering steady growth in every market condition.